Winter weather skin tips + SPECIALS

We were Home for the Holidays and we’re still home... going nowhere, doing little, and seeing only a few.   Why not make the most of the circumstances and use these wintry days and COVID requirements to your advantage?  Now is the perfect time to repair and restore skin damage before next summer’s fun in the sun.  Call Southeast Sculpting at 803-396-2727 to explore the possibilities.    


Winter weather causes the humidity in the air to drop, which means you need to take additional precautions not to dry out too.  Skin hydration becomes essential.  Follow these easy tips as a starting point for cold weather care: 


  1. Keep your showers lukewarm and short.  
  1. 2. Usea gentle or hydrating cleanser to add extra moisture to your skin.  
  2. 3.If you used a lightweight moisturizer in the summer months, switch to a  creamier, heavier one for the winter.  (We can make suggestions from one  of our three medical grade skincare lines).  The extra richness will combat  the dry, flaky, ashy look of winter skin.  
  3. 4Continueto use your sunscreen.  In fact, never leave home without it.    The sun’s rays aren’t as intense, but sunlight is as damaging in winter as it  is in summer.  
  4. 5.  Rememberyour lips; they too need protection.  In fact, they dry out faster  and easier than the remainder of your skin.  We recommend an ointment  based balmRevision’s Youthful Lip Replenisher is a   
  5. 6. Continueto drink lots of water.   


These simple tips may be enough for you or they may be the first of many steps towards better, healthier skin in the future. Consider these year-round procedures that are especially beneficial in the winter: 




 A dermaplane is a manual exfoliation procedure to gently remove the dead skin cells and vellus hairs (peach fuzz) on the face.   Performed with the edge of a scalpel, it leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and looking brighter.  A dermaplane can be performed alone or in concert with other skin care procedures. Together the effects are enhanced.  




Part “feel good facial” and part skin care treatment, this year-round procedure  cleanses, exfoliates, protects, and nourishes the skin.  Add a “booster” to customize your facial and leave with that “special glow”. It’s an hour well spent with ongoing benefits.  




Designed to treat fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, Rosacea, freckles, and other skin discoloration issues, our Lumecca IPL (Interval Pulse Light Laser) is best undertaken in the winter.  The procedure itself pulls pigment to the surface of the skin and causes it to darken before it sheds and new, younger, healthier looking skin is revealed.     




It is recommended that patients avoid sun exposure and excessive heat following an IPL treatment.  While there is no real downtime, be aware that you will look worse before you look better.  The time it takes to reveal a clear skin tone is more easily hidden if you are at home, in a turtleneck or masked in public. Think Friday to Monday. 




One is beneficial for spot treatments, two are better, and three spread four weeks apart deliver the best results.  Lumecca is used most often on the face, neck, and decollete but can be used anywhere on the body.  Women oftentimes wish to remove age spots from their hands.  It also pairs well with Forma, a skin tightening treatment.  Consider both for best anti-aging effects.     




Did you tire last summer of shaving and waxing?  If so, then winter is the perfect time for removing unwanted hair.  Why?  There’s a window of opportunity... 


Given that hair grows at different rates, the process takes 6-8 treatments at four week intervals to reveal hair free skin underneath. Begin now and in June you’ll be ready to show off a silky smooth look in shorts and swimsuits.  In the meantime, spare those sensitive areas direct sunlightYou won’t want to cause unnecessary redness or irritation following a treatment. 




Why treat just your skin? Whay not your body as well?  These past few months  have created a ”Pandemic Pooch” on many a frame.  CoolSculpting could be the answer to get you back on track towards that svelte preCOVID figure or physique.    


This non invasive , FDA approved fat reduction procedure is available anytime, but is most popular in the winter for those forward thiking patients.    Treat those areas that are resistant to fat and exercise, then watch the inches disappear over a 4-12 week period as your body eliminates the fat cells.  You’ll be ready for pool or beach when warm weather arrives.   


Call Southeast Sculpting  at 803-396-2727 for a free consultation with one of our registered nurses. They will discusss your goals, assess your areas of concern, and develop a plan best suited for you.  


Sydney Robinson

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