Bothered by frequent urinary tract infections?

Bothered by frequent urinary tract infections?  Feeling hopeless and helpless? If you answer “yes”, you are not alone.  

Have you tried home remedies?  Have you added 500 mg of Vitamin C to your daily regimen, eaten yogurt, drunk cranberry juice and LOTS of water.  Are you still bothered?

Have you been thoroughly evaluated and educated by your gynecologist to address the causes? 

Has your doctor prescribed Pyridium for bladder spasms, stinging, and burning sensations?  Have you taken courses of antibiotics?  Are you concerned you will develop a tolerance to the antibiotics?   Are you concerned that taking antibiotics to treat one infection will disturb your “natural balance’ and create problems elsewhere? 

Has intimacy literally become a “pain”? Do sex and your UTIs go hand in glove? Do you take one low-dose antibiotic pill afterward, void immediately, and shower frequently? 

If you are still having trouble after trying all of the above, perhaps it is time to consider a different approach. Our board-certified OB-GYNs offer non-surgical, state of the art energy based treatments that are not usually found in a traditional medical setting.  Nevertheless, they can produce the results you seek. If your UTIs are a byproduct of menopause and the thinning of the vaginal mucosa, it can be stimulated and treated with MonaLisa Laser therapy.  One CO2 treatment may produce plumper tissues and lessen the possibility of recurrent infections, but a series of three is recommended for the greatest benefit, as well as an annual “tune-up”. Mona Lisa is an in-office,  10 minute, pain free procedure with no down time and few, if any side effects.

If your symptoms have arisen earlier in your life and seem to be caused by more than one problem, then a Morpheus8V with Inmode’s Empower platform could produce the results you seek.  Morpheus8V is a combination therapy that stimulates collagen development with internal microneedling and enhances the effects with radio frequency heating.  The microinjuries created provide support to the vaginal tissues, desensitizes the base of the bladder to relieve  the symptoms of urge incontinence (overactive bladder), and improve stress incontinence. 

For post-partum issues as well as age related pelvic relaxation, Votiva  and Vtone help to strengthen and tighten those  tissues too. 

Consider the possibilities and call Southeast Sculpting today at 803-396-2727 for an appointment to assess your needs.  Drs. Hilton and Robinson are ready to help.

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