Exosomes - The Next Trend


Whenever I read about aesthetics, I always read articles about the “coming thing”, the “next best thing”, or the” latest and greatest”. Well, if truth be told, there is one on the horizon, and it may very well be a gamechanger. The next big trend to watch in aesthetics is the use of exosomes. Already popular, a 35% year over year growth rate is expected. That shows you just how good they are. Interested? Read on or call us at 803-296-2727.

What are exosomes?

Exosomes are derived from cells. Scientists have long studied and used stem cells taken from fat, placentas, umbilical cords, and even plant material to stimulate healing. In fact, stem cells can heal and reproduce themselves.

As scientists learned to decode the language of the cell, they also learned that every cell excretes tiny vesicles (bubbles, bags) that carry growth factors, peptides, cytokines, and proteins between cells. These messengers or exosomes carry the payload and enhance communication between the cells. Whatever the recipient cell needs, the exosome provides to “ramp up” the response.

Exosomes are too small to penetrate intact skin but once applied to a broken skin barrier, they work their magic. They deliver the message to calm inflammation, reduce pain, regenerate, rejuvenate, and recover from the injury. Results are impressive.

How are exosomes used?

In aesthetic medicine, exosomes are used as an “add-on” to increase the effectiveness of any procedure that wounds the skin to stimulate healing from within. A common example would be SkinPen microneedling or Morpheus. Exosomes applied after the procedure cool the skin, significantly reduce redness, reduce the length of any downtime, and enhance the therapeutic results. In short, exosomes produce something “extra”.

Similar results can also be seen when used with:

And here at Southeast Sculpting our board certified OB-GYNs use Morpheus8V microneedling with radio frequency heating to make vaginal tissues more youthful, elastic, supported, lubricated, and sexually sensitive.

Hair regrowth and scalp treatments are another area where exosomes are becoming commonplace. In the past, PRP was oftentimes applied to a microneedled scalp. Now PRP is being replaced by exosomes. PRP is dependent upon the platelet count of the patient. If the patient is older (with fewer platelets), has health problems, or problematic veins, the quality of the plasma is reduced. Exosomes are consistent, do not require a blood draw, and deliver about ten times more growth factors than PRP.

There are so many ways to describe the benefits of exosomes: better, best, more, and extra are just a few. Add exosomes to your next procedure with us at Southeast Sculpting and see the results for yourself. Call 803-396-2727 to schedule your appointment soon.

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