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Sometimes diet and exercise alone won’t get you the muscle definition you’re looking for. Seek perfection in your body with EvolveTone from InMode Aesthetics. Tone uses electrical signals to stimulate muscle contractions. You can do the equivalent of 1,000 sit-ups in just 30 minutes. For more information, call our office today at 803-396-2727. 

Tone Q&A

What is Tone?

Tone is a hands free, pain free, non-invasive, zero downtime technology that uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to induce muscle contraction, tightening, and toning.

Experience tighter abs, thighs, knees, arms and glutes after just one treatment.

Four-six sessions spaced one week apart produces optimal results after two months.

Use in conjunction with diet, exercise, or after Morpheus8 or CoolSculpting procedures. Customized treatments and packages available.

Is it painful?

Not at all. Tone just feels like your muscles contracting. We cater the level to your comfort.

What’s the downtime?

Aside from feeling like a good workout, there is no downtime at all.

How long does it take?

Tone sessions typically run for 30 minutes, but we can customize a plan for you.

How many treatments do I need?

There's no limit to how many Tone sessions you can do!

When will I see results?

You should expect to see results after a couple of treatments. Full results will be seen after you complete your last session.

EvolveTone from Middle Way Marketing on Vimeo.