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Today is December 21st, the Winter solstice or the first day of Winter.  It is the shortest day of the year with the least amount of sunlight.  Most people assume it is also the coldest day of the year.  While it’s possible, the coldest days usually take place during mid-December through mid-January.  During this time, most people are staying home and staying warm. We here at Southeast Sculpting are looking ahead.  We would like to help you use these cold, dark days to get “resort ready” for your escape to warmer, sunnier climates.   


Winter is the perfect time for CoolSculpting.  In fact, those summertime beach bodies are actually created in the Winter.  Let us show you how.


What is CoolSculpting?


CoolSculpting is the only FDA cleared, non-invasive, non-surgical treatment to eliminate fat that is resistant to diet and exercise.  Best for those people who are at or near their ideal weight, the results rival those of liposuction without anesthesia, downtime, or surgery.  Performed over eight million times, there are many who can attest to its success in reshaping and contouring the body.  


How does it work?


CoolSculpting technology uses controlled cooling to target and kill unwanted fat cells beneath the surface of the skin while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.  In the weeks that follow, the body naturally processes the fat and eliminates the dead cells from the body.  Changes in your shape are first noticed 6-8 weeks after treatment with the results becoming more pronounced by 12-16 weeks.




Who is a candidate?


The best responders are those people who adhere to regular diet and exercise regimens yet still experience resistant pockets of fat.  CoolSculpting works best on localized areas, namely, abdomen, “love handles”, flanks, “bra rolls”, back fat, double chin, enlarged male breast tissue, and inner and outer thighs.  Take this online quiz to find out if you are a candidate!



What if I am NOT an ideal candidate?


CoolSculpting  cannot be used to treat obesity.  It is not intended for weight loss. Those who are less than ideal candidates can expect to lose up to 20-25% of their unwanted fat with each round of treatment. Multiple rounds of treatment can be expected. The good news is this:   Many use these incremental results as a springboard for a better, healthier lifestyle and improved self- perception.



Are there contraindications for CoolSculpting?


Yes.  Anyone having or experiencing:


Raynaud’s disease or other sensitivities to cold

Diabetic neuropathy

Implanted pacemakers or defibrillators

Pregnant or lactating

Recent surgery or fresh scars

Open wounds

Hernias, present or past, in the areas to be treated

Blood thinners


What should I know about the procedure? 


The process is straightforward and relatively simple.  Fat that can be pinched is vacuumed into an applicator and chilled to a temperature that crystallizes and kills the fat cells.  Some patients report (tolerable) stinging until the skin is numb.  Following the treatment, some report redness that will resolve in hours while others note bruising, tenderness, or a dull sensation that will resolve in days to a few weeks.  More serious complications are extremely rare as this is a non-invasive procedure.


Who should I see? 


Quite simply …


You should see an expert, someone capable of combining the mechanics with the artistry of the procedure.   We here at Southeast Sculpting consider ourselves to be among the best. You will be seen and assessed by one of our three RNS, all of whom have reinforced their in-office training and many hours of hands-on treatments with additional education at the CoolSculpting University in Virginia. Jennifer Tilley and Melissa Smith stand ready to help.  We are also proud of our own Jan Sizemore, one of the first to CoolSculpt in the Carolinas and one of a select few to attend the Master Class in CoolSculpting. Dr. Hilton oversees the entire team.



You should also see a practice that possesses the most appropriate equipment.  We have two CoolSculpting machines and are capable of “dual sculpting” or addressing both sides of the body at once. We halve the usual treatment time; You are treated and back to your daily tasks as quickly as possible.    We also possess a complete array of applicators to ensure we have the “right fit” for every body.  The right equipment always enhances the outcome. 


Call  Southeast Sculpting at 803-396-2727 or try online booking today to schedule a complimentary consultation during which we will customize a treatment plan for you. Remember…. Winter’s the time to create that beach body you want. 







Sydney Robinson

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