Best Coolsculpting Deal of the Summer


Your summer body goals made simple..

Thanks to Coolsculpting and the Brilliant Distinctions Reward Program.

We have an exciting offer of $200 off your Coolsculpting treatment between now and September 2018.  Here is what you need to do:

Step 1. Sign up for the BrilliantDistinctions Program.  This step is easy breezy. Click the link below and hit the “Join Today” button, fill out your information and you will be signed up in minutes. Click here

Step 2. Call our office and schedule a FREE Coolsculpting consultation on one of the designated Consult Days in June.  The dates are: 6/11/18, 6/14/18, 6/20/18, 6/25/18.

Step 3. Sign up for 6 cycles or more of Coolsculpting! (This part is east as most treatments include 6 cycles) We will throw in further incentives for those who want 10 or more cycles.  Remember to schedule your treatment between now and September 2018.

Step 4. Just like that $200 off your treatment and earn Brilliant Distinction points for rewards on following treatments.


THESE APPOINTMENTS WILL GO FAST.  Schedule your consultation today so that you don’t miss out on this offer.


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