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Women are calling it


 – Do you experience vaginal dryness or irritation?
– Do you experience painful intercourse?

You are not alone.  In the US, as many as 50% of postmenopausal women (approximately 32 million) suffer from similar symptoms which are often associated with vaginal atrophy.  Also over 2.8 million breast cancer survivors, many of them still young, suffer with these same symptoms.

Many women are suffering in silence, apprehensive or afraid to discuss these symptoms even with their OB-GYN physician.  But it’s OK to talk about it – because now you can do something about it!

The MonaLisa Touch is the latest technological breakthrough in the treatment of vaginal atrophy.  The MonaLisa Touch uses a gentle CO2 laser to reactivate the production of new collagen.  The MonaLisa Touch rejuvenates the vaginal tissue, restores vaginal health, and eliminates the symptoms of vaginal atrophy restoring the conditions you once knew.

  • Performed by one of our OB-GYN physicians
  • In-Office procedure – Five Minutes
  • Painless
  • Minimal side effects
  • Currently only offered in the South Charlotte and York County area by Dr. Joe Robinson and Dr. Ansley Hilton at Southeast Sculpting and Rejuvenation.

Dr. Joe Robinson and Dr. Ansley Hilton were the first to offer this procedure to women in the Charlotte and York County area.  They are the experts on the MonaLisa Touch in the Charlotte area.


Dr. Joe Robinson                                             Dr. Ansley Hilton

Don’t suffer in silence.   Call 803-396-2727 today and speak to one of our Registered Nurses who can answer any questions you may have and find out if the MonaLisa Touch may be right for you.

 In Office Procedure  –  No Anesthesia  –  No Downtime  –  Minimal Side Effects

MonaLisa Touch – Interviews with Physicians

MonaLisa Touch – Patient Testimonials

 How Does MonaLisa Touch Work?

A probe is placed inside the vagina. Fractionated beams of light are emitted from the probe that penetrate small areas of tissue. This creates small wounds in the epithelial layer of the vaginal mucosa.  This triggers fibroblast activity which in turn stimulates new collagen production.

When women become menopausal the vaginal mucosa becomes atrophied with the decreased levels of estrogen.  This means there are fewer number of blood vessels.  The mucosa (or lining of the vagina) is significantly thinner and more prone to trauma.  The pH changes which effects the normal healthy flora. This is why there is pain and irritation. The MonaLisa Touch revitalizes the cells in the vaginal tissue to correct these menopausal symptoms.  The vaginal atrophic cells shed off and new healthy tissue is now present.

The MonaLisa Touch treatment includes a series of three procedures spaced five to six weeks apart.  Each individual procedure takes about five minutes and is virtually painless. There is NO ANESTHESIA, NO SIDE EFFECTS and NO DOWN TIME.  A significant number of patients experience amazing results even after the first treatment. The second and third treatment will lead to even more substantial improvement of symptoms. An annual follow-up treatment is typically required to sustain the results


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