CoolSculpting Before and After Pictures

The CoolSculpting before and after pictures shown below are an indication of the results that are possible by transforming and sculpting your body through the CoolSculpting procedure at Southeast Sculpting & Rejuvenation.  The photos below reflect real results achieved by real CoolSculpting clients, men and women.  Results and experience will vary from patient to patient.  You will notice that some photos are of the thigh area where other photos are of the abdomen area or flanks (love handles).

What you can Expect
Before your CoolSculpting procedure, one of our CoolSculpting specialists, all of whom are Registered Nurses, will take a series of pictures of your pre-CoolSculpting body at several different angles.  Your CoolSculpting specialist will perform an evaluation and consultation and put together a customized treatment plan to treat the areas that you want to address.  At your 90 day follow-up appointment, we will take your after pictures and show you the dramatic differences in your body.

Call us at 803-396-2727 to schedule your free consultation to see if the CoolSculpting procedure is right for you.

Torso Coolsculpting before and after 8 weeks *Stomach Coolsculpting before and after 8 weeks *Stomach Coolsculpting before and after 8 weeks minus 6 pounds*Stomach Coolsculpting before and after 8 weeks and nine weeks  *Stomach Coolsculpting before and after 16 weeks *Back Coolsculpting before and after 16 weeks*

“Individual results will vary for each patient. Any claims of fat elimination are not guaranteed. Results vary depending on personal characteristics such as weight, body composition, eating habits, and lifestyle habits. Schedule a free consultation to speak with a specialist about treatment options and the results that can be achieved for you.”.